Devotional Thoughts: Who’s First?

This verse struck me hard as a young person. Truth is, what we try so hard to hold onto might just destroy us. So ironic! We all know irony makes for a good story but we’re talking about our very lives. These words come from Jesus. They’re not my words. Efforts to save ourselves are selfish. Our selfish ways place ourselves at the center of the universe. How silly we must look to the universe when we do this. The one who places God at the center gains a whole new freeing perspective! The truth is simple. Fight for yourself and you’ll lose it all. Let go and you gain everything!

This is nonsense to the one who disregards God. They may look at your life and compliment you on something God called you to do. They see a bit of who God is in you but probably assume you have ulterior motive or that you’re just crazy. Truth is none of us deserve what God offers. It’s so glorious we’re drawn in and we have a natural desire to follow and obey even when it seems like nobody else is. It’s almost inexplicable.

Every day I choose to go my own way or Gods way. My own way might look good to others but it leads to destruction. Lord, help me to choose Your way today and every day! I’m not first! I’m not even second! You first, Lord! You first! I know when You’re first others become so much more important. I can see with spiritual eyes. I see the plan. I know my purpose. I know my future if I’m rooted in You. Thank You Lord! Thank You!


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