Devotional Thoughts: Sustenance & Satisfaction

Yes, Jesus is the bread of life. What’s this mean? How can someone never hunger and thirst again? These are basic needs for every human. God is concerned for our physical needs but this verse goes much deeper than that.

As a teen I reached out to God and experienced transformation immediately. I stopped craving certain sinful things. I couldn’t have done that on my own. God did this. I shared with others and some of them reached out to God and experienced the same thing.

Without connecting to God I’m sure I’d be trying to connect somewhere else, probably to something destructive. I’ve backslidden before trying to get satisfaction from something else like from another person. No human can be God for you. When we do this we set ourselves up for failure. Only God can satisfy certain needs we have. Seeking to meet these needs somewhere else always leads to disappointment. It can even lead to destruction and into addictions.

God desires to give us peace and stillness but I’ve learned this is impossible without allowing God to enter into my soul. Many fear this because they have a negative view of God. This verse offers us what is priceless! It’s not totally free because we have to be vulnerable. Our culture doesn’t celebrate vulnerability, however, God already knows it all, everything. I’m sure we look silly trying to hide.

If I’m hungry I come to Him. If I’m thirsty I sit at His feet. This is what sustains me and I know it can do this for you too.


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