Devotional Thoughts: Essential Jobs?

I ordered my groceries from Instacart again today. I’ve been doing this for over a year. I try be kind to the person who delivers my groceries because I imagine that delivering groceries probably wasn’t their dream job. I’ve seen what looked like struggling single moms, newly married couples, young people and others shop for my groceries. I love irony! The Bible is full of irony and God has His way of leveling the playing field in ways like elevating the poor and sick. Jesus reached out to the social outcast, the drunkard and the adulteress.

COVID-19 has leveled the playing field right before our very eyes. Numerous memes all over social media asking the question about who’s more important. Bottom line is that God’s standards do not place one human being over another regardless of their social status. Those working for grocery delivery services are now elevated and considered essential!

I read something this morning a young person posted about how selfish she feels she has been. She then posted her gratitude for the simple things in life.

May we all consider our work essential. May we serve the Lord in our work no matter how simple or complicated the task. Here’s another instruction for us today:

No matter where I find myself, I can do all my tasks for God’s glory. This certainly elevates my work ethic! Whether I’m a nurse caring for the sick or a working mom balancing schooling my children at home, cooking every meal and working online, I can offer my tasks and my work as an offering to God. CHEERS to those delivering groceries! May we never view our work as nonessential again! Let’s clean our bathrooms to the glory of God! Cook a meal for God! Brother Lawrence knew this well as he expressed in his writing, “The Practice of the Presence of God.” I imagine his classic is even free as a download?


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