Devotional Thoughts: Love & Evil

We live in a world of polar opposites, evil and love. Somehow these have become blurred. So sad to me that especially our teens are taught evil is good. Movies and books created for our young people depict evil characters as good. Delighting in evil; I’ve seen this in my home. I’ve had foster teens that are drawn to darkness. Cutting is cool. Suicide is cool. Addiction is cool. Many anime books and videos are full of darkness. One foster teen brought an anime book to me saying he probably shouldn’t be reading that. It required a group on a quest to show their privates to an old man to get the item needed to advance to the next level in their quest. A reward for something dirty. Desensitizing kids. Love and truth will never draw us to darkness. Yes, darkness will reward you but it will also destroy you. Darkness seeks to enslave, not to set us free. Truth brings freedom. Those who love tell us truth, not lies and deception. How can we tell if it’s love? If it protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres!

People of love and faith need to be writing and creating so our next generation will have access to truth and light. As we live our lives as Christians we are the access to truth and light. Sharing this brings hope and freedom to others. Those who share are the true heroes!


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