Devotional Thoughts: Mindset Battles

It’s so easy to get distracted and off track from our mission. Thoughts enter our minds and try to lead us somewhere we’re not intended to go. It takes discipline to set our minds on what’s above, on God and God’s Kingdom and not on the here and now. The here and now will quickly float away and be gone but focusing on the eternal never disappoints, never fails and gives hope.

Sometimes this mindset feels like a fight. I have to fight away certain thoughts that can lead me somewhere I don’t want to go. I can choose to fill my mind with positive thoughts to overcome the negative ones. I can list my many gratitudes when I start feeling upset about something. Mindset really colors how we view the world, ourselves and even God. It’s a vital battleground for what we allow in our minds. It can destroy us or even heal us. our mindsets even spill over onto other people and have the potential to lead someone down a positive or destructive path. This is a great responsibility!

If I choose to look towards God my mindset is in the right place. If my goal and thoughts are set on stepping into eternity I’m always in the right place. God will care for me despite what’s happening here on earth. The threat of the Coronavirus is at hand. I can focus on this to a point where I’m no longer accomplishing much or I can set my thoughts on where I’m going. Should this virus take me I’m ok. I’m more than ok because I’m in God’s hands. Viruses and sicknesses are a part of this broken world I live in. When I pass from here there won’t be any more of this. Things will be as they should be. I can prepare to prevent but setting my mind on what’s above gives me an assurance that almost is inexpressible.

This I know, the earth will pass away. I’m not to put my faith in anything here. Let’s look above and press on!

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