Devotional Thoughts: Yielded Plans

Some of us plan more than others. We’ll never perfectly agree how much planning is the perfect amount. Some of us plan out everything and feel out of sorts when life doesn’t go as planned. At the other extreme, some of us don’t plan hardly at all. Value is placed on the free spontaneity life can bring. I’d say most of us are probably somewhere in the middle?

I think it’s best to plan and in those plans to give God permission to modify and change anything. When plans don’t work out I’ve felt disappointment. When plans succeed I’ve felt satisfaction. However, I know I need to live my life in such a way that I pay attention to doors that are opening and closing.

Open doors can feel unexpected, intimidating and can bring fear. If we step into them and test the waters we can look back and see what’s almost unbelievable has happened! Wow! We see God’s hand at work and what a joy it is to know the joy of success.

On the other hand, I know I’ve probably missed more open doors than I have stepped into. Some doors I never even noticed because I was distracted by something mearning less. I’ve missed out and am stunted by hindrances.

All I know is I need to keep planning, keep walking and keep giving my plans to God and asking God to change my plans as He wishes. This is the best recipe for life here. Pray, plan and yield to God. Ask God to direct our steps, lead us and guide us. This places some responsibility onto God and frees me up somewhat. God is the most responsible, the most reliable and can be trusted to know what’s best for us.


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