Devotional Thoughts: I Don’t Belong Here

Our gut feeling is right: we don’t belong here. There’s more to life than this! If I love it here I’m in danger of missing out on what I was made for. As a forgiven, redeemed, transformed believer and follower of Jesus I belong to another world. That world is my hope.

This world weighs me down and seeks to rob me of what God has for me. I can try to better my little world with things but I’ll always be disappointed. I can try to seek out pleasure but this too is lacking and leaves me feeling a void.

The world jockeys for my attention at every twist and turn. Ads are everywhere and everyone wants my money. Money is a god, an idol. People seek it and think if they just had more of it they’d finally be satisfied. What a lie we chase when we think this way! Loving what’s here in this world shows who our allegiance is to. Maybe it’s to ourselves? Our belongings? Addiction? Allegiance to anything but Father God falls short. God satisfies in a supernatural way. This is a work of God, not anything we can do for ourselves.

Ironic that what we seek out, what we spend our efforts on will eventually destroy us. God wishes to liberate us from our very selves and what we think will fulfill us. God has a way of stepping in and satisfying with peace and contentment. I can only experience this if I give God permission, if I invite Him in, if I surrender the things I love in this world.

If I love the things of this world my soul is cluttered and there’s no room for God. All my efforts are elsewhere, God is ignored and I make a mess of my own life. Living in one world and belonging to another is hard. Only God can sustain us. Only God and people matter.

Lord, help me to love You more than anything else! May I put nothing higher than You. I know the moments I achieve this are the most beautiful. They’re when I reflect You, when others can see who You are. May your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!!!


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