Devotional Thoughts: God’s Love

Is there a more beautiful truth? Nothing can separate us from God’s love. This means that nothing I do is bad enough for God to stop loving me. No sin is too large, nothing is too atrocious for God. God sees and knows all. God knows us more deeply than we even know ourselves. We enjoy applying this truth to our own lives, but do we do the same with others? Do I really believe God’s love is for the bigot? The racist? The abused?

“Hate the sin and love the sinner,” they say. How is this possible? We need special God-given contact lenses to see people as God sees. I believe there’s a bit of God’s goodness in everyone, after all, the Bible clearly shows us we are made in God’s image. The difference is some people choose to yield to God’s goodness and others oppress it. No matter which camp we’ve chosen to live in, nothing can separate us from the love of God. God loves us even if we think otherwise. God’s love is so tremendous that when we encounter it we naturally let go of ourselves and find true belonging in God.

God has given me a confidence about His love for me. Where I struggle more is having confidence in people’s love for me. God is not like us. His love isn’t dependent on emotions. His love doesn’t waiver. It doesn’t change. This is such a foreign idea to us humans. Hesed is the word for this concept throughout the Old Testament and it’s translated ‘everlasting love.’ Perhaps we should start saying this instead of just the word love because God’s love is so different than any other kind of love we’ll ever experience. Gods love requires a greater description!

Nothing can separate me from Gods love. It’s unbreakable! May our love for others be unbreakable as well. With Gods help we really can love one another and commit to one another.


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