Mobilizing your people: Four Rock Solid Missional Foundations (A Filtering Tool)

RockThe overarching goal of missions is to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and to make disciples as Jesus commands in Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission, but we are also commanded by Jesus Himself to do good works.  We do good works in obedience of the teachings of Jesus so doors can be opened to build relationships through which we can share the Gospel.  All people should be given the opportunity to hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and we believe all people have the right to decide for themselves.  Not all mission efforts are evangelism teams, but we pray all mission efforts will open doors for us to share the Gospel.

  1. Evangelism:
    • Evangelism teams
    • Intentionally going out in your community with the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel
    • Evangelistic Events like movies, rallies, outreaches, etc.

2. Living Out the Commands of Scripture:

      • Love your neighbor Matt. 22:39
      • Feed the hungry, Luke 14:12–14
      • Welcome the stranger, Hebrews 13:2; Genesis 18:11 Matt. 2:43
      • Minister to the prisoner Matt. 25:36
      • Defend the orphan James 1:27
      • Helping hand to the fallen Psalms 146:8
      • Justice to the poor, Association with the lowly, Romans 12:16, Matt. 19:21
      • Practice hospitality, Romans 12:13; Matthew 25:35 & 43
      • Love Your Enemies, Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:27
      • Weep with those who weep, Romans 12:15


“God always keeps his word.  7 He gives justice to the poor and food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free 8 and heals blind eyes. He gives a helping hand to everyone who falls. The Lord loves good people 9 and looks after strangers. He defends the rights of orphans and widows, but destroys the wicked.”  Psalm 146:7-9

3.  Partnering with Christian non-profits that help us live out the commands of Scripture:

    • Local Faith Based Food Pantries (hungry & poor)
    • Christian Rehab programs (fallen, those who weep, love your neighbor)
    • Local Pro Life Ministries (defend the weak, the orphan)
    • Habitat for Humanity (Justice to the poor, love your neighbor)
    • Christian Camps (share the Gospel)
    • Christian Homeless Shelters (Hospitality, justice for the poor)
    • World Relief – refugee and human trafficking victim ministry (welcome the stranger, love your neighbor, practice hospitality)
    • Disaster Relief (love your neighbor, helping hand to the fallen, weep with those who weep)

4.  Partnering with Secular Organizations – when we send people of light into darkness, it’s not so dark anymore. This can become a vibrant ministry!  There’s people to get to know and befriend everywhere!

      • Guardian ad Litem – become a court appointed advocate for a child in foster care Ex – We have 12 Guardian ad Litems in our church family that I know are making a huge difference in the lives of young people.
      • Local Prison – education programs or anything your prison might need Example – we have members at our church who are trained to be able to check out a prisoner and bring them to worship on Sundays at our church.  They take them out to eat and develop a relationship with them.
      • Poor – Government subsidized Housing Complex – Ex – a prayer walk in a local community birthed a partnership with an apartment manager and our church family.  We have been doing multi-housing ministries for over 20 years now in 2 apartment neighborhoods.
      • Local High School – Ex – We adopted or local high school through Communities in Schools.  We have events throughout the year that brings our church family and the school staff together for encouragement and appreciation.  We minister to students and their families in a variety of ways.




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