Pain, Pain Go Away! I know You’ll Come Again Another Day.


So much pain on our world!  A friend’s son died suddenly, an adoptive parent is at their wits end with destructive behaviors, discouragement, negative words, depression, anxiety and disconnection.  I just want to step into the Light and let the Light shine on my face.  Light, I invite you in.  Shine on my brokenness. Shine on this pain.  Bring healing into this land.  Holy Spirit blow Your Winds of change, Winds that move us, transform us and spur us into action.

There’s nothing more frightening to the enemy than when we step out into uncharted, new territory.  I’ve been noticed.  Enemy arrows fly.  I will not be broken.  I will press on to bring the Light into this darkness.  When I stumble I will ask for forgiveness.  I will extend my hand to the Father.  God will sustain me and guide me.  I can only make headway because of my place in God’s Kingdom.  Yes, I have a place.  I will be there.  Will you come with me?  Can I help show you the way?  Let’s walk hand in hand together through this darkness and soon it will be a thing of the past.  It will be stamped out and we can bathe in the Light.



2 thoughts on “Pain, Pain Go Away! I know You’ll Come Again Another Day.

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  1. How beautiful and real post😍 My latest expression is God give me strength please so I can go through it. But it was so nice and refreshed my soul ( your post) to walk with Jesus hand to hand in this life full of trials and unexpected things. Everything is temporary and looking forward to the everlasting life with Jesus Love and blessings Bona



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