Spiritual Life Quotes: Beauty & C.S. Lewis

CS Lewis 3

God has created such an amazing and breathtakingly beautiful world!  I feel what C.S. Lewis is expressing.  I’m drawn in.  I’m convinced God uses nature, His creation, to draw us closer to Him.  The beauty of nature creates such a sense of wonder that whispers there’s something deeper than this.  There’s more.  I’m joyful to say I’ve found it.  I believe this craving we have is a deeply rooted desire to connect with God, the holy being behind nature.  When I let go and gave God my life I experienced the peace and beauty of freedom and contentment.  The beauty of creation reflects what I feel in my soul.  God is certainly the most amazing artist!  If we allow, he can make us just as beautiful!  We can participate in bringing God’s beauty to others if we choose.  God can even create beauty our of something that was intended for evil as my pastor preached this past Sunday.


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