Devotional Thoughts: Gushing Justice

Amos 5.24

Oh how my heart longs for justice!  Justice for my family, my friends, my neighbors and even those I only hear or read about.  Sometimes it seems as if injustice wins more frequently than justice.  Not everything is made right in the here and now.

When water gushes forth down from the mountains from heave rain or melting snowfall it has the capacity to take out everything in its path.  There’s no stopping it!  It’s so powerful it can take our very lives from us.  Oh, how I long for justice to gush forth!  I long for wrongs to be made right!  I long for abuse to be stopped, the liar to be caught, and this list goes on and on so much that it seems like injustice is rolling down like waters!   It’s everywhere I turn!

I can only live in a just manner.  I can extend mercy and grace as God does.  I know in due time true and holy justice will come.  Oh what a glorious day, a beautiful time it will be for wrong to be made right, the crooked made straight and the rough places smooth.  I know that those who escape justice on this earth will be held accountable later and there’s no escaping that judgment.  God sees.  God sees and knows it all, every detail, every thought, every feeling.  God’s scales of justice have no flaw.  God’s laws are absolutely flawless.

Yes, I too will be found guilty.  We have all acted unjustly at times.  I subject myself to God’s judgment only because I know I’m forgiven by Jesus Christ.  Jesus stands in my place.  He took the punishment for me.  I owe him my all.

Many of us will not see justice until we pass from this life into eternity.  I have to be OK with this and place the injustice around me in God’s hands or I am at risk of living in a bitterness that has the capacity to overtake me.   All I can do every day is to seek to live justly, fairly, Godly and true.  This makes a great difference in the world.   On this day that we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great pastor, leader and revolutionist, I resolve to live as if justice has come, as if these waters have already gushed forth!  I will not discriminate.  I will not take advantage of others.  I will seek ways to uplift the lowly and be an advocate for the one who has no advocate.  May justice roll down like waters!  May the righteousness that God bestows upon us flow into the lives of others and be contagious!

Photograph is by fellow pastor and friend, Daniel Sanchez.


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