Devotional Thoughts: Grief Will Lead Us

Grief and sorrow might be one of the most difficult things we deal with. We all experience grief and loss at some point in our lives. Our brains try to make sense of it all but honestly most of it won’t ever make sense. Sometimes we aren’t grieving over the loss of a person but over something we did.

This verse talks of grieving over Godly things. What does God grieve over? God grieves over sin because It separates us from Him. He suffers loss over this separation. God so longs for reconciliation. We all know the feeling of being separated from someone we love. It hurts; it’s suffering. When we reach a moment in our lives where we grieve over our sin, our selfishness, this circumstance hangs in a balance. Which way will we go? Will we turn to God and receive forgiveness or will we sink deeper into grief? Many have taken their own lives because grief overcame them. Despair was too much. God desires to liberate each one of us. Forgiveness from what we regret is guaranteed! Belief is beautiful. God can bring a holy Hope into our lives. I’ve never heard of anyone regretting their salvation. Salvation changes everything and is available to everyone.

Rx for today is to lay down our grief and turn to God. Confess our hurts, our sin and sorrow. This is where divine hope can enter in to sustain us in ways only God can. God loves you, yes, you! Open yourself to Him today. Cast aside all doubts and take this leap of faith. Be healed. Be free.


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