Devotional Thoughts: Suffering

Why does God allow suffering? We have each chosen our own way, just as the first humans did. We are a rebellious people wanting everything to be as we want it to be, essentially placing ourselves in the place that should be God’s. Sin entered into the word long ago and suffering came with it. They are deeply rooted in one another as all sin eventually brings suffering into our lives.

Not all suffering that comes is connected to a sin we committed. Sometimes it’s just a consequence of living in this sinful world. My friend has cancer because we live in a sinful world, for example, not because of a specific sin she committed. No matter how good we are, suffering will find us. I cannot escape my aging body.

For the believer, the one who declares Jesus is Lord, suffering will one day end. The One who suffered the greatest, Jesus Christ, walks with each believer, hand in hand until we cross over into eternity when our real life, the one without suffering begins. No more tears, no more pain, no more suffering of any kind will be our dwelling place! Followers of Jesus know this well. We are headed towards eternity. One foot is already in the door! We only need to continue on this journey of life laid before us.

Suffering is worth it. Suffering is temporary. Suffering cannot define me. Glory is revealed to us in Jesus Christ. Just giving oneself to Jesus eliminates a lot of suffering. I’m no longer bound by sin. I’m free. I still live here but I know I belong somewhere else, and you can too.


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