Devotional Thoughts: Gentle Leadership

Sometimes all I need to do is ask. God lies in waiting for us to connect to Him. His leadership is like no other! He leads in gentleness, not through force. And when we respond to His leadership He even walks with us! There is no better leader! Nobody else is more worthy of our trust, loyalty and devotion!

Only the brave ask God what He wants them to do. Only the brave act on promptings by the Spirit. Every time we cast fear aside and obey we are more and more blessed. Can you pray, “God, show me what you want me to do.”? Are you brave? God will not force our hand. We obey as a response to who we know God is and what God has done.

It’s ok to ask someone to discern Gods voice with you, but beware, I’ve had people discourage me but when I felt God continuing to prompt me I sometimes have disregarded the human and followed God. Other times I’ve allowed the humans to stand in God’s way. Lord, give us discernment! Give us bravery! Give us guts to act when You prompt us! May we stop and yield to Your gentle leadership today.


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