Devotional Thoughts: We Reap What We Sow

We reap what we sow. I generally think about this in terms of consequences but in context this passage refers to money. If we are stingy what we reap is stingy. If we are generous what we reap is generous. God loves a cheerful giver. Many times I’ve experienced cheerful givers in church life. Some even give sacrificially. Others give little and feel proud of themselves. If I desire a full life, the kind of life God intended for me I must sow bountifully, gratefully and liberally. Those who give know the joys that come from this act of obedience. It’s much more fun to share than to keep everything to myself!

I also think about sowing faith as I read this verse. If we are not sowing we will not reap. Sowing can feel risky whether it’s giving or sharing faith. It’s what committed brave followers do. We trust, we give and God provides. If we throw out the seeds of the Gospel, God will move and do the rest. When we give, we are also given to.

In this new year pondering things like these are vital to what we will become and how we will grow. What will be reaped this year because we sowed? God has the capacity to change everything! We will see no change if we keep it all ( our faith and our money) to ourselves.


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