Devotional Thoughts: Temptation & Blame

This is important. God does not tempt us to sin and God is not tempted to sin. God knows the full extent of temptation. It’s the strongest who resist. The weak give in. I’ve heard some blame God for certain things. The sins of mankind aren’t God’s fault at all. God does tempt us, but only towards good.

While we remain on earth there will always be temptation. Just yesterday a sweet group of ladies brought to our office a large tray of homemade sweets. It looked glorious! I’d just lost 5 pounds in the past few weeks staying away from sugar and now I found myself sitting in staff meeting with this large tray in front of me. My coworker served me a bite and I ate. Later on I made copies and the tray was in the copy room. I ate again. I cannot blame God that I have a problem with food. ‘I can certainly blame our culture! However I can still choose to partake or not. Placing blame never improves anything anyhow. At the root of blame is our need to not be at fault and to not be found guilty. He or she who admits fault is so much stronger than the one who blames another.

True Christians are truth tellers. We own up to our faults. We do not blame others for our shortcomings. A beautiful experience as people of faith is when God takes our faults and weaknesses and makes something good out of them. This is something only God can do. When we allow God to use us our ugly becomes beauty.

Nothing about surrender includes blame. If I have surrendered myself to God I know deep in my soul when I’m in the wrong. The best remedy is confession to God first and prayers for guidance about who my sin affected. If I blamed someone else I remain handicap until I make things right with that person.

People will think this is weakness. It is strength and good soul care. Our soul is the most precious part of who we are. I’ll shed this body one day but my soul will remain forever.


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