Anxiety’s Enemy

Maybe good words are what’s needed to fight anxiety? What’s a good word? Is it a flattering compliment? A positive thought? Someone sending thoughts and prayers our way? I propose the best good words come from the Bible.

I remember seeing someone’s anxiety fade as they read a verse in the Bible recently. We get so cluttered up in our minds with worries, concerns and anxieties. We are easily moved from our foundation if we are not rooted in the Bible.

As strange as it may sound God uses His Word, the Bible to speak what we need. As this verse points out sometimes that brings gladness. Sometimes it is peace, comfort and love. Other times it’s not fuzzy and warm feelings. Other times it’s conviction, correction or direction and guidance. Nevertheless, even those tough words bring gladness if we respond to them.

I don’t know about when you feel anxiety but for me it generally involves something outside my control. I want things to go a certain way and I worry. For example, I worry my teens might do something they’ll regret later. I can get weighed down by this and if I allow repeated thoughts of this to rule my mind I can become a mess. This is not God’s plan for us.

I need God’s Word in my life. They’re words like no others. They refresh me, guide me and soothe my soul. They can even make me glad.

I’m reminded there’s nothing new under the sun. These words were needed thousands of years ago and they’re also needed today. RX for today: Let’s read the Bible and allow it to be a soothing balm to our self inflicted wounds of anxiety. We can weigh ourselves down; we can even bring others down with us, or we can read, have faith and trust God has us in the palm of His hand.

So, we’re among those weighed down with anxiety all the time and we don’t even know it. The best word I can give anyone is God’s Word. My words mean nothing but God’s words heal and transform.


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