Body Care is Worship

Today I gave my cat back to God. It hurts. He was a good boy. He listened and obeyed. He loved food and petting him while he was eating was his favorite! He was a bit overweight most of his life but in the past 2 years he lost everything but his skin and bones. He was sweet up to the very end.

This sinful world can ravage our bodies with sickness and disease. He was hurting and it hurt my family and I to watch him decline. I know having him euthanized today was the loving thing to do. Love is hard. Our culture can be confused about what love is. Love isn’t self-seeking. It puts the other first. None of us wanted to let go of our cat. We felt like we’d be ok if he were still here with us. We knew the loss of a family companion we’ve had for 16 years would be painful. We could not put ourselves first and allow him to suffer more. Many loving things are difficult and hurt. I’m sure you can name many!

Love is commitment just as much as it is a feeling. Loving someone is doing what’s best for them and sometimes that means it’s not what I want. Even if some of us think we are the center of the universe, we are not. God is. One way we can love God is to live out this verse in Romans.

We are to present our bodies to God as a holy sacrifice, an offering. I am to take care of my body. My cat and I had a love of food in common. I can live out this verse better by taking good care of my body while I’m here. What we do with our bodies matter. Sometimes I wonder if altering our bodies is saying how God created us wasn’t good enough. God knows me best and knew what He had in mind when he created me. I felt insecure before I gave my life to God. Now I don’t feel the need to spend money on a face lift or tummy tuck. I shouldn’t put things into my body that are unhealthy. We live in a world full of addictions. I can choose to introduce my body to things it will crave later like opioids, nicotine, caffeine, sugars, carbs, heroin, and this list can go on and on!!! Certain other choices can also be unhealthy like sexual promiscuity. I can contact diseases. I can deprive my body of food and water.

Taking care of this body gave me is an act of worship. My cat’s body gave out. Mine will too but until it does I need to work harder at this one.

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