Devotional Thoughts: Holy Confidence

This was written to people living under persecution. It’s God’s desire that we have a holy confidence. Real faith endures. Holy confidence granted to us gives us what we need to accomplish what God has called us to do. Do not be mistaken, I’m not talking about what we term a confident person today. There are many who are confident in their own abilities and accomplishments. This verse speaks of Godly confidence, strong faith, the ability to withstand the extremest form of persecution. God will not let go of us. God is faithful. God will hold us up. The only thing I can be super confident in is God Himself.

When we endure, press on and accomplish things for God we will receive what’s promised. What is promised? A seat at the Banquet Table prepared for us, a new body that is perfect, a new home where we belong. We will live in peace; we will be so grateful we will desire to give everything we accomplished back to God. You’ve heard someone tell you that you’ll receive a jewel in your crown? The crown is to be cast down at God’s feet, a gift for the One who gave it all for us. To God I imagine my little crown might look like a child’s drawing looks to us. It will be created out of my love for God and it will be what I have to give back to the One who gave so much to me. I imagine in that moment I’ll want my crown to be more beautiful, something fit for the King of Kings!

I am grateful. God will give us what we need to endure. Holy confidence is God given and has nothing to do with ourselves. Hold on to your faith; press on. God will give you endurance. God follows through with His promises, of this I am sure.


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