Devotional Thoughts: King Solomon’s Wise Advice

The pinnacle of Ecclesiastes, the culmination of King Solomon’s wisdom, the ultimate wisdom given to mankind we have here in this little verse. King Solomon explored all pleasures in search of gaining all he could in this life. His conclusion: it’s meaningless. It’s meaningless to chase after anything but God Himself. It’s sometimes hard to explain to someone who doesn’t believe yet the window that’s opened up in my soul. God opens this window when we seek Him, when we walk a road of confession and obedience we gain what we call abundant life. Moments of abundant life pierce through the darkness in our lives and we are never the same. We are transformed and changed forever. It’s only through these experiences that we are able to gain what we need from the Holy Spirit to fear God and keep His commandments.

We need to throw down our many idols, throw off our sin and declare God as head and CEO of our lives. When we do this we can throw off our sin and run the race God has set before us that will ultimately result in us living abundantly.

Can we take seriously words from the man called wise who lived thousands of years ago? What he discovered is true for us today. Diving into Ecclesiastes is wise. Dare you listen to and heed the advice of this great king?


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