Devotional Thoughts: Our Greatest Ambition

From the mouth of Jesus Himself we are told these things. If one could properly summarize the Bible in just a sentence or two this might be the winner except I’d want more of what God has done for us added, something about God’s great sacrificial love for us and this is why God is worthy of our love, our allegiance and commitment.

I think it’s more clear how to love our neighbors as ourselves than it is how to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds. Or, maybe these are both clear but we don’t want to face what it really means? We are afraid. We want control. We think we can do a better job than God at navigating our lives.

What’s it mean to love God like this? Does it mean there’s no space in my heart to love others? Nonsense! When we give all of who we are to God we experience an inexplicable love for others. We sacrifice for others and even enjoy doing it! Onlookers think we have lost our minds as there’s nothing human about truly loving someone else. Most of our love here is a self-serving, meet-my-needs kind of love. One can even question if what we call love is even love at all. (That’s a whole other post for sometime later!)

Confession: while healing from a recent procedure I have watched way too much HGTV, an American channel full of shows on making over houses that become these breathtakingly beautiful dwellings. I’m mesmerized! Where do these people get all this money to do something like that? (Side note- I’m quite certain these people fall into the majority of Americans who are carrying a HUGE amount of debt, yet another post!). I began looking around my old house that was built in 1907 and I started wishing and wanting for this and that. I could have used this time more wisely to read something that would help me grow in my faith. Instead, my eyes are off the great prize, thwarted. I need not toil over my earthly home! My Heavenly home has the greatest interior and exterior designer! Matter of fact, my Designer even created all other designers!

So, let’s allow nothing to clutter our minds like I allowed HGTV to plant a distraction in mine. This is one example of how I could have loved God with my mind. What I put in my mind and allow into my heart and soul are important. Sins will always cripple us. That’s why we are instructed to throw them off or lay them aside in Hebrews 12:1. Until we have the courage to choose God over our sin we are not loving God as we are instructed here.

I’ve given you such a small example of sin, coveting what I do not have in my home. Friends, our sins are many. Maybe the most prevalent sin is selfishness, putting my wants and needs above others. Whatever your struggles, place God in the highest place in your life. Today is a new day. Keep trying.


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