Devotional Thoughts: Born Again

Born again, but this time reborn into freedom from sin and death. Our first birth we arrive here with a desire to sin. We are selfish people. When we see someone who carries the hope of the resurrection, the ultimate triumph over evil, the risen Lord living in their lives we are perplexed. We are drawn to this. God is calling us towards Him in a subtle fashion. He promises if we seek Him we will find the hope, mercy and rebirth written about here. Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ there is no Christianity, no faith and no hope.

How can we be born again? Confess sin to God and ask for forgiveness. Declare Jesus is the King, the resurrected Lord. Commit to follow God and walk in God’s ways. Surrender. It’s finished. We are made new through this metamorphosis. I’ve never been the same.

You’re invited to this Banquet, this Table, this Family. The invitation is open. It’s safe. It’s a great burden lifted. Step into new life. Be set free. Your Father awaits. Decide today how you will live and who you will serve. Stop being tossed around by circumstances, allowing things to determine your fate. Give your whole self over and experience true love, grace and mercy. Here’s where we belong. Recommit yourself. Be free.


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