Devotional Thoughts: Towers

On this day, 9/11, the Twin Towers came crashing down. These were incredible strong towers! I’ll never forget our entire nation experiencing shock together at the same time. The Lord has built a tower for us that cannot fall down because He holds it up. This is the greatest tower, taller and stronger than any other. We are safe! God protects the righteous. Of course none of us are righteous, but righteousness comes as we surrender to God more deeply each day. Our life of righteousness begins as we invite Jesus to forgive us and guide us through this passage of life. This is only the first stepping stone. There are times we sprint into God’s strong tower! I’m grateful and know that no matter what happens I have a strong place of refuge. Earthly evil has the ability to take down towers built by mankind but nothing can take down God’s tower.

The name of the Lord is this Tower. I reside in this Tower and am safe in Jesus name. Yes, I may die but I will not grieve my own passing as I’ll be stepping into an unfathomable perfect realm God has created for me. I invite you to come into God’s Tower. Live the life God desires for you. This is the greatest righteousness we can achieve, giving our lives to God. Earthly safety and security will fail us. Step into God’s Tower and experience the peace that comes, even in the face of great danger. It’s one of God’s great blessings for us.


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