Devotional Thoughts: Useless

Yes, we can physically accomplish things on our own, but this verse highlights how God is vital in our homes and cities. Mankind can do all he chooses but the Lord is all powerful and if we do not give God watch-care over our homes and cities what we do is done in vain. It produces no result and is useless. Feeling useless can feel terrifying to some of us as we feel we know what we are doing. We cannot see what God sees.

I can do many things on my own without God but I am more terrified of leaving this place and declaring all my efforts were useless. Leave God out of the equation and you may have successes here on earth but those things will be useless in the span of eternity.

How do we avoid this happening in our lives? Cast down our idols of greed, fame and fortune! Obey God and follow Him and our lives will produce great everlasting fruit! Do the right thing, especially when it’s hard! Rearrange priorities. Get things straightened out now. Don’t waste another day.

Give God all you have. God will make your home a beautiful place. God will bless your obedience. Dare to invite God to build your house. Let go and follow the leadership of the Greatest One. Only then will we see what true success is. You’ll be given new eyes and new direction. Build my house Lord! Watch my city!

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