Devotional Thoughts: Judgement & Rejoicing

Such foreshadowing! We cannot leave out verse 15 that precedes this one, “The Lord has taken away the judgements against you; he has cleared away your enemies. The King of Israel is in your midst; you shall never again fear evil.”

The Lord is the only One who can remove sin and judgement. Earthly men think they have power. Preposterous! Mankind can judge as they please but I know only the judgement of God matters. When judgement is removed and enemies are cleared away then we can celebrate verse 17, that God is in our midst, God rejoices over us, God quiets our hearts with His love. No, we do not deserve this. That is what makes God so amazing: grace and mercy. Without him we are just our mistakes, our mess ups, our bad choices and sins. The world can say what they want but I look different in the eyes of my Maker because He sees me through the eyes of Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer. All bad is wiped out and defeated. Let’s grab onto the message here in Zephaniah. The King wins. Period. My sin and enemies do not overcome me because I gave my life to The King, Jesus.

This giving of my life to God brought a peace and quiet to my soul. He gives the kind of love that leaves no void in my heart. There’s no greater love so there’s no need to search any further. Contentment and joy preside. Now I can sing. Now I can dance. Now I can believe God rejoices over me. God is in our midst.


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