Devotional Thoughts: Glimpses of Eternity

What we can see will pass away. Those of us who follow Jesus do not belong here and we long for the day we reside in the eternal. Amazing that we can see glimpses of the eternal here and now to help spur us on in our faith. These glimpses are the work of God in us here and now. We live by the standards of another Kingdom that will conquer all evil, sin and death. Evil eventually destroys itself anyhow.

What we can see and touch here will fade away and is already fading right before our eyes. Funny how so many decide to trust only what they can see when all these things are temporary. Our soul can be temporary or eternal; we decide to live for God or not. We sense eternity in the here and now when we connect to God and the fruit of our obedience moves others towards eternity. We rejoice in seeing God in others. In those moments eternity is our immediate reality! May our vast army march on and on until eternity is revealed to all in the here and now.

To the one who does not know God this is nonsense! We are crazy! May God open their eyes to see! May we love them right into eternity. May they catch a glimpse and understand what seems like nonsense.


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