Devotional Thoughts: Humility Invites Exaltation

Humility is considered weakness in this time period. I’ve admired many humble people over the years for their quiet service to God. Those who walk in humility do not seek to elevate themselves, yet somehow God elevates them! God Is God and we are not! Those who understand this and live by this are already walking in humility. Humility requires us to deeply understand God loves all people and all are equal. Society may say one is better than another but the playing field will be leveled! It is God who exalts, not mankind.

I’m reminiscing about a song we’d sing when I was young, “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord (3x), and He will lift you up, higher and higher, and He will life you up.” So simple yet so profound! Practical ways of walking in humility: share what you have, give away, follow authority even when you don’t feel like it, love your neighbor as yourself, stop striving for first place and just serve God and this list can go on and on… I’d enjoy anyone’s thoughts on how they choose humility in their life in comments here. Feel free to comment.


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