Devotional Thoughts: It’s all God’s Anyway!

King David utters these words towards the end of his life in response to his offerings and the offerings of his people given for the purpose of building the Temple. Unfathomable amounts were given together by David and his people. Their actions bring forth praise. David declares all that’s here on earth belongs to God anyway. For my friend who enjoys numbers, one talent of gold is worth about $25,000 today, a talent of silver, $1,700. Total up some figures and you see earlier in this chapter that the people gave a grand total of $4,436,000,000! Amazing what can be accomplished when God’s people come together!

The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 sounds similar to David’s words of praise here. May no man be glorified because of this effort! David places all glory onto God. All belongs to God anyhow he says. Lesson to be learned here? When we obey, give and sacrifice, others follow. The things of God are contagious! All wanted a part in this effort! This Temple was to be a reflection of God’s glory in and through His people. Today our giving doesn’t go towards where the Spirit of God resides. At the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the veil was torn and the Spirit of God unleashed to live inside us. Now we are the Temple! So in turn our giving looks different. Our giving is for people, not things. While ministry requires certain things, may our giving have a greater focus! May it further God’s Kingdom and glorify God as David and his people did. All to You and for You, oh Lord!


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