Devotional Thoughts: Green Pastures

I’m not entirely certain how this became such a popular verse to share at funerals. Is it because in our grief we need to declare God is our shepherd, caretaker and guide? Or is it because when we feel anxiety over death we need to be led beside still waters?

I’ve found I do not need to venture far to find still waters and green pastures. My shepherd is always awaiting the next moment I’ll stop, lie down, relax and listen. This restores our soul like nothing else can. This grants us a laser focus that cannot be thwarted. Come what may! I have a divine Shepherd who cares for me! His love has set me free!

Yes, I can wander far away from the boundaries the Shepherd has laid out for me. This is where the enemy awaits to devour me. I must remember a part of my Shepherd’s plan is rest, peace and stillness. Without these I start to think I am self-sufficient. This is a great danger. Nothing of the Kingdom can be accomplished without the Shepherd! All else is meaningless.

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