Devotional Thoughts: The Hills

I’m asking this question today. Everywhere I turn there’s a frustrating challenge. My son’s college classes have been dropped for the second time and he is fully covered through a grant and a scholarship! Lord Jesus Help! How could this have happened?

Health issues at hand and decisions that have financial repercussions on our family need to be made…

I could make a list a mile long! These are the struggles of life. Thank goodness for the verse that follows this one that clarifies for us where our help comes from:

“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalms ‭121:2‬

Today someone shared with me about laying down the idol of money. Why do I worry so much about money when I serve a great King who owns the cattle on a thousand hills!! (Psalms 50:10). Today the price of a steer or cow can range from $60-$130 each. I cannot even add up what that would be. Ok, all you detailed brains out there can stop guesstimating the size of the hill and how many cows each hill might hold! That’s not the point! The point is God’s resources are never ending. There’s plenty. When I’m in need my help comes from the Lord. I shouldn’t even look at the hills. I need to look beyond them. God will provide. I just need to do my part: reach to God for help, trust and obey.


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