Devotional Thoughts: A Holy Purge

Oh man, this one speaks volumes! We who have given our lives to God have this amazing gift of the Holy Spirit who resides within us. Our bodies are temples. Just like an earthly building we should strive to keep our temples clean and healthy. I’m convicted today. I need to choose healthier foods, exercise and rest. I don’t need to drink too much caffeine. I need to take care of this body the Holy Spirit indwells.

This verse can also speak to why we should steer away from anything addictive. Nobody plans on becoming an addict, but once I do something once and then again, I become number and number to what I’m doing. Illegal substances are illegal for a reason. There’s a lot of legal things that can destroy our bodies as well: fast food, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, fat, and the list can go on and on. Then there’s those things we allow to creep into our minds. What we read, watch and listen to matter. This affects my attitude and can cloud up my mind and get in the way of the Spirit’s plan for my life. These things are addictive as well.

Each of us know ourselves well. We know what kinds of things we struggle with and frankly some of these things have a power over us. Before we know it we are giving these things our money, our time and eventually ourselves. Only God deserves this kind of worship. Maybe you’ve never thought about it this way but what we pour our time and money into we elevate to a status in our lives that we never intended. We can spiral out of control pretty quickly. I’m thinking the cell phone might be the most worshipped thing in our culture? Games, videos, music… we are mesmerized. It separates family members from one another as they all sit in the same room but don’t communicate with one another. The phones reign supreme!

Nothing deserves our attention more than God. Let’s clean up our bodies and minds. A holy purge is in order! Let’s make room for the Holy Spirit. Let’s unclutter our lives and breathe in sweetness. What’s this look like for you?


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