Devotional Thoughts: Anxiety

Anxiety… some become crippled by it. Some can hardly function because it overtakes them. Some things seem just too large to tackle. Life is overwhelming. The remedy given to us is to just focus on today. All we can do is make headway by being faithful to press on today. What we do today affects tomorrow. What’s important today? Feed my family, set up health appointments, visit my disabled veteran uncle, grocery shop, get the house in order so I can relax some this weekend. But according to this verse I shouldn’t even be thinking about the rest of the weekend. I should just focus on today, what I can accomplish today because tomorrow will present its’ own troubles.

One thing about life that’s for sure is it will bring troubles. Some seasons of life bring more troubles than others. So, this reminder here sounds like our Heavenly Father telling us not to worry and just focus on today. After all, worry shows our lack of faith that God will take care of us. Of course sometimes Gods ideas of taking care of us don’t always look like what we had in mind. Keep walking, God is good. Fight anxiety and worry by focusing on today.


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