Devotional Thoughts: Confession, Hoarding & Cleansing

Oh what amazing information! It’s what we do with this that matters most. I’m reminded of the very first time I confessed sin before God as a teen and what an incredible feeling to be set free and forgiven. Cleansing is like nothing else!

It’s like the TV shows about hoarders. We certainly can choose to keep all our sin to ourselves and clutter up our soul. This feels awful like the homes of the hoarder where they struggle to function and their own home has become a health hazard, something that harms them. This can happen to us if we hoard our sin and never confess. We wake up one day wondering how did I get here? How did this happen? What have I become?

God loves each one of us tremendously and longs for us to come to him confessing our sins, the things we did that bring destruction to our lives and to those around us. Confession is so good for the soul. If you’re never done this you’re in for a treat on the other side because God will release you of what is entangling and strangling you. Our soul is our true self, not what we look like but the very part of ourself that matters most. These bodies will age and pass away but our soul, if I’m a believer, will live forever.

A great friend, Kathryn Bryant, has spent her life working as a therapist in a church. She says, “Sin makes people crazy!” This is the outcome of allowing sin to fester and turn us into something we never wanted to be. Nobody says, “I want to be an addict,”. “I want to be greedy “. “I want to be a liar.” Yet none of us have conquered sin except Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. Jesus will take your sin and free you from the filth that weighs you down. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever experienced.

Step into freedom and cleansing today! It’s not too late! Confession is a daily practice that so healthy! Yes we try diets to cleanse our bodies, but let’s cleanse our soul too! What’s it matter and what to we gain if we’re beautiful on the outside but all cluttered up and disgusting on the inside? Release all these things. God will forgive and grant you new desires.

This is a radical idea in this time period where everyone seeks to just cover themselves and ignore sin. Sometimes confession to another human being is in order as well. Only the strong bear this quality. The weak march around as if they have no faults. In job interviews we’re asked about our weaknesses. We all have them. We’re all so quick to say nobody’s perfect, so why aren’t we quick to confess sin to God and one another?


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