Devotional Thoughts: Anger, Forgiveness & Love

There is nothing we can compare God to that is a perfect analogy for who God is. Nothing we can say perfectly describes God. Who is like God? Anyone who serves God is a little bit like God but not entirely. God works in ways we cannot even fathom! If you’ve had a picture of an angry God in your mind, your right, but you’re wrong too because this verse reminds us God doesn’t stay in or dwell in anger and neither should we.

The Bible is full of examples of anger and it’s not called a sin until an action or deep thoughts are birthed from it. Anger is ok for a time but be careful not to sin in your anger. Dwelling in our anger produces sin. An example of this would be to plot revenge on someone your upset with, lash out verbally and hurt someone or even thing evil thoughts in your mind like wishing someone were dead. Anger is normal but it’s what we do with it that matters most. There’s lots to be angry about in this world and I believe God shares our anger. Injustice swirls all around us and it’s not fair.

We must become more like God and not camp out in our anger. If we do we miss the greatest, most amazing attribute God has: steadfast love! God’s Love is so much greater than His anger! So many think God is out to get them when God truly desires for anyone to approach him in humility confessing sin and repenting so God can pour out this steadfast love that alters and shifts who we are. What power! What love that God gives us all we need to live differently. We can be light in this darkness! This is so much more powerful than succumbing to evil!

Oh God, there is none like you! Give us the ability to not sin in our anger. Give us the strength to forgive! May we live in your steadfast love! May we be light is the darkness!


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