Devotional Thoughts: Community, Friends & Brothers

This little verse is tucked away in Proverbs 17 in the midst of fools, strife, quarrels and evil. What a comfort in the midst of these things to have a friend and a brother to walk with us throughout all times and especially those times that we would call adversity.

There is a lot to learn and Proverbs is full of wisdom. I’ve heard it said that everyone needs at least five people they can confide in when difficult times arise. I can count many more than this; I know I’m blessed.

In our individualistic culture we do not understand how important community is. Listening to our Armenia mission team share about their experience in Christian community last night I’m reminded we are the culture that leans farthest towards individualism and it’s killing us. The more time we spend with screens the lonelier we feel. God created us to live in community with one another. This takes effort to accomplish. We must choose people over things. A friend who loves at all times and a brother that sticks by us at all times is extremely valuable. God and people should come before anything else.

Adversity will come. Am I a friend at all times? Am I a sister in the midst of adversity? We need God and we need each other.


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