Devotional Thoughts: Seeking God

I’ve learned in my life that the greatest blessings come when I seek God first, when I seek to eliminate sinful things one by one. I’m so much better at this than I was as a young person seeking out my place in the world. Choosing these Kingdom things brings with it a wealth of gifts we cannot even foresee before we made the choice. We cannot see what’s behind that door or down that road until we make the selection. Choosing to seek God and to walk in God’s ways has brought a peace into my life. I have an assurance. These are holy things that are God given.

I just returned from a vacation on a ship with my husband. Amazing how they were trying to convince us what we needed as we sailed along: 600 dollar photos, spa treatments, free money now for making a deposit on a future vacation, and the list goes on and on… all these things are fleeting and will be gone pretty quickly. It’s when I seek God first that the greatest of riches come. No, I’m not speaking of a prosperity gospel here, I’m talking about those priceless things that even the richest man cannot buy.

This verse is a promise given to those who dare to seek. Seeking can come with an element of fear for sure, but the greatest disappointment will be for the one who never searched for God, The one who lived their own selfish way without regard for God. So as we cruised along I knew I’m not lacking. I don’t need all those temporary things they’re trying to sell me.

Our best time was time with friends before we even stepped foot on the ship. Friends made in seminary bring sweet fellowship, one of those heavenly gifts to the one who seeks God. The other sweet gift was taking one of our young men who is in the Marines to dinner and connecting him so he can grow more in his faith. These things make a heart sing in ways no material possession can!!

Seek first the Kingdom of God. Doing this adds inexplicable joy into one’s life! Let’s examine our priorities today and press on brothers and sisters!


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