Devotional Thoughts: The Spirit

This verse comes from such a rich chapter in John. Jesus is trying to give his twelve disciples what they need before he is gone.

The Spirit, the part of God that summons us to faith, is vital for our survival in this world. Yesterday’s verse alluded to the Trinity. Today’s verse is about the Spirit that is our advocate and teachers us. I first met the Holy Spirit through conviction. I grieved over my sin. Without the Spirit pointing this out to me I would have never come to to God.

The Spirit guides and directs me in the deepest parts of my soul. My job is to trust and obey. The Spirit gives us what we need to live the lives God has willed.

I have mostly experienced the Spirit through discernment and leadership. As a single foster parent I’d get calls about kids and I’d have to say yes or no pretty quickly. I remember trotting down to the office of a co-worker for advice. While I have an excellent team of co-workers, I should have just paused and listened to God. Instead I went to another human. This human once said to me he didn’t understand why I’d come to him when I never needed his advice. He generally told me my plate is full and I shouldn’t take on another yet I’d sense God saying something else.

I’d go back to my office and pray. Then I’d call back and give my answer. Those who came into my home were able to hear the Gospel. Those I said no to maybe didn’t. I’ve not pushed my faith on any of my kids but they had the opportunity to learn about what a life of faith looks like.

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

‭‭John‬ ‭14:18‬ ‭NIV‬‬

An orphan doesn’t even have to be an orphan. Once we step into the Kingdom of God we have this great Advocate! The Holy Spirit prompts us, guides us, comforts us and teaches us. Jesus’ twelve men were ordinary fishermen trying to make a living. It’s time spent with Jesus and later the Spirit that made them so great that I’m a believer today because of their ministry. That’s mind blowing! Someone’s actions over two thousand years ago have made a difference in my life today!

The disciples knew the feeling of being an orphan well when Jesus died. They were there. They saw it. It tore them to pieces and they didn’t understand. Confusion sent them into hiding. Little did they know it wasn’t over, this wasn’t the end. Jesus rose from the grave, defeated death and now His Spirit hovers over all the earth calling us to follow. We are not forsaken. We are adopted. The Spirit intercedes for us in ways we do not even see! The Spirit can deal with our enemy without us even being aware that happened! The Spirit will give us all we need. We need only to obey and lead others to God.

Let’s become more aware of the Spirit today. This requires us to stop, pause and listen, connect and converse with God. A believer who doesn’t do this is withering away. Listen. Hear the voice of God. God is always wanting to speak. We need to just turn our heart towards Him.


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