Devotional Thoughts: Instant Peace

Perfect peace, there’s a lot of misconceptions about this concept. I’ve heard some say believers should have this instantaneous perfect peace no matter what transpires. Even Jesus wept. Jesus wasn’t totally at peace while here living among us. I think this verse is probably talking more about something I feel way deep inside. It’s indescribable. It’s an inner voice or eye that speaks and sees the world in a different way. It looks at everything in the span of eternity. Its the way God sees and this only comes from God himself.

Jesus was the great champion of staying the course even while beaten and spat upon. His mind was steadfast. He knew to keep going. I’m certain his circumstances didn’t feel peaceful. It was violent. He overcame and so can we.

Thank goodness we have the Holy Spirit to guide us IF we choose to fix our minds and thoughts on God. There’s a war that begins in our heads. I can choose to fixate on bad thoughts or I can fight them. I’m in one of those battles right now. Bad thoughts and memories clutter my head. They scream out to me and what they say is painful.

I need my mind focused on God and what I’m here for. I trust God, the only being worthy of my full trust. I will keep going and God will walk with me. I am not afraid. Thoughts of fear arise and try to cripple me. Fear is not from God.

Searching for peace? It only comes from God. I can go to the most peaceful place in the world but this will not give me peace. Why? I brought myself, my brokenness and my thoughts. While I’m still here I’ll never have perfect peace but I can see it and know I’ll have it when I meet the Great Giver of perfect peace. Yes, we can experience peace here too but not in its purest form.

For now I try to keep my mind fixed on Kingdom things and trust in God. This has already brought me peace.


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