Devotional Thoughts: Painful Things

Suffering and pain,Job endured more than anyone I know. Loss of loved ones, physical ailments, loss of all he worked hard for is just naming a few of what he endured. To make matters worse when he needed to be supported and loved the most his closest friends and family turned on him. They said hateful things

“How long will you torment me and break me in pieces with words?”

Job 19:2

“My relatives have failed me,

my close friends have forgotten me.” Job 19:14

Here online I’m in a group for moms who have kids with special needs. I have an adopted daughter who has disabilities. I’ve heard the things people say to them. One parent of an autistic child’s sister asked to pray to cast out what she thought was a demon. The group responded in rage saying the demon of ignorance needed to be cast out of the sister! Parenting a child with special needs is a marathon. There’s something difficult each and every day. These parents need loving support, not criticism. Job didn’t walk this road but this is a suffering many know in this day. Suffering because you love your child and want them to be included but people don’t understand.

Onlookers observe and try to make sense of our lives. In their own process of evaluating judgment comes. This is what happened to Job and it still goes on today.

People didn’t understand Job. They didn’t understand God. Job didn’t even understand but he knew one thing that he declared in verse 25: my redeemer lives! Job knows God will reign in the end. I honestly don’t even know how people endure suffering without God. I press on because I know this won’t be forever. This too shall pass.

I do what’s right for my child and my family no matter what others say or think. My declaration for today is it matters most what God thinks. This is how Job endured. This is how I can endure when trouble comes whether it be surgery, hurtful words, or death. I’m not responsible for the actions of others but I can certainly control my reaction to anything that comes. When we find a supportive person we need to remember that’s a gem to be cherished. Job didn’t have any, not even one! God can fill that place and see us through. I’m grateful to have many to talk to and many who care. Job made it and so can we. Press on today my friend whatever your suffering may be. You can do it.


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