Devotional Thoughts: Sin

Some seem to think sin is no big deal. God will forgive over and over. They know in their hearts they’re not trying to follow God. They think they have it made. They can have their cake and eat it too. The one who thinks this way doesn’t understand. They have heard a few things but do not respect God. Or maybe some understand and know exactly what they do. I don’t know. I’m responsible for myself and how I lead others.

Here’s words from Spurgeon in regards to these verses today:

“O child of God, as thou wouldst fear to drink poison, as thou wouldst flee from a serpent, dread sin! Holiness of life is the best proof that we know God. It matters not how readily we can speak about God, nor how much we suppose that we love him, the great test is, do we keep his commandments? What a heart-searching test this is! How it should humble us before the mercy-seat!”

The one who loves sin does not love God. Do not be deceived. What God offers us is new life. Forgiveness is part of this but it’s not the whole. Even if I say it’s a lifestyle I’m not fully expressing what happens when I give myself over to God. There’s nothing that perfectly describes what this looks like so we struggle to give examples like, I went from selfish to serving others, a man from prison, an addict, is now a deacon. A gang banger is now in God’s gang. Their old ways are gone, stamped out! When I see these people I barely think about who they used to be. Their old self is so far gone!

Those who think they take advantage of God will have a rude awakening. Turn to God and repent today. Don’t have the blood of others on your hands because you led them away from God. Some can’t see God because of the way we are choosing to live. Let God do a great work in your life.

Dear children, we have an advocate. Anyone who has an advocate who loves them appreciates them. We listen to and respect the guidance of our advocates.

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