Devotional Thoughts: In Pursuit

It’s past 2am. I’m just getting home from the ER. All is well. A young couple sat next to me in the waiting room. She is in pain. He holds her. I learn quickly she is extroverted as she began talking to me. I didn’t really feel like talking but as she continued to engage me in conversation I started feeling compassionate towards her. She looked simple and sweet. She had a miscarriage recently and says she thinks she probably cannot have children. She asked me if I can have children and I said I didn’t know. I explained my kids are adopted and I don’t plan on having a biological child having married later in life. When she learned I’m a pastor she peppered me with questions. Is there a wrong way to pray? What is Christianity exactly? Do you think someone who has been abused is a better foster parent? Her husband stepped out to smoke. She told me he’s an alcoholic. She asked me how to get him to stop drinking. I shared the Gospel with her and told her where my church is. She showed me pics of her new puppy.

Another family is weeping. I know them from years ago. I stepped in and asked if I can pray with them. Their grandma is 95 and ready to go to Heaven. I prayed she would pass into the arms of Jesus soon.

We shared a hallway area with a man whose grandson shoved a key into his ear and he cannot hear from that ear.

Distress all around… there were some ugly things there too. Police officers had someone in custody. Someone reeked of alcohol, a child with a sprained leg. Some made bad choices, others had accidents.

How does one pursue righteousness and love in these circumstances? We reach out. We engage people in conversation. We share our lives in hopes they can see God. I was able to share my testimony with the young girl tonight. I pray she will reach out to God. Tonight I found many reaching out in their pain. One is reaching towards Heaven, another towards healing.

How do we pursue righteousness? We seek to obey. We allow dirty looking people to see into our lives. We share our spiritual journey. We toss away sin and do the right thing even when we don’t feel like it. I didn’t feel like talking tonight, but I was able to give this young girl guidance towards God. I was able to pray with an acquaintance whose grandma will pass away soon. I find life in these things. It’s an honor to represent God whenever I can in any situation.

The situation tonight could have been full of complaints very easily. Pursuing God gives me a desire to serve. This is real life. Unfailing love only comes from God.


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