Devotional Thoughts: God in Me

Any good work in me came from God and not myself. When I reached out to God I was changed. God did this. I didn’t. Beforehand I had no desire follow God. I don’t even know if I can fully explain how this verse has been my experience. it’s beyond words and there’s nothing else that fully compares to this. God changed my desires. When this happened I no longer wished for certain things. I started to have compassion for others. I started asking God what He wanted me to do. I had a desire to work for Him.

Some fear God will remove all happiness from their lives and put off giving up their lives to God. I’ve had many tell me they wished they had never put that off. They wasted many years of their lives. They know now they misunderstood the things of God. They feel they should have let go sooner.

God has good in mind for us. God takes pleasure in us! The best place I can be is where God wills me to be. As a Christian I feel unsettled in disobedience. This unsettling should lead me back to God.

I cannot take credit for the things God does in and through me. I only try to obey and seek God’s will if I’ve done anything good at all. The one who hasn’t reached out to God yet, the unreached, does not have the capacity to live as a believer does. If God is not in someone’s life they aren’t changed and it shouldn’t be surprising to us that they are just like we were before God changed us. Placing expectations we have for believers onto unbelievers will only lead to disappointment. Unbelievers do not have what we have but they can! This is why we share the Gospel, the Good News. It’s for all. Anyone can receive this. If I’m not sharing what God has done with others I’m not in God’s will. I’m missing out, lacking. There’s no greater joy or pleasure than to lead someone to God and see their lives changed forever.

Step into God’s will today. It’s the most amazing experience! You won’t be disappointed but you’ll find your calling, your true identity.


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