Devotional Thoughts: Remembrance

Today is Memorial Day, the day we remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we have here in the United States. It’s an important day. I am very grateful. So many in our world live under great oppression.

There are greater things to remember. There is another who not only gave up His life but also bore the weight of the sins of the world. Jesus defeated death and rose from the dead. Jesus is much greater than the one who died fighting for freedom.

Important things like these are at risk of being forgotten. This Psalmist declares they will remember. God has done so much! I must remember this and never forget. Forgetting means I veer off the road and wake up one day wondering how I landed where I am and thinking I don’t want to be here. I didn’t mean for this to happen. No plan is planning to allow the wind to push me wherever life takes me. This is dangerous. This is a consequence to not remembering.

Telling our God stories to others is so important. The next generation needs to have access to God. Those who wrote the works that were canonized that now make up the Bible probably couldn’t even fathom that I read them today in 2019. As I read, I remember, I ponder and meditate on these things. These writings change me.

What has God done in your life? Please tell these stories to others. Write them down, remember. God has given us everything we need to stay on the narrow road towards the greatest Kingdom. The meaning of Easter and Christmas now seem hidden in our society. This should not be.

I will remember. I will never forget. I will keep following the ways of God. Will you join me? It’s the best life. No matter what happens in my time here I belong elsewhere.


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