Devotional Thoughts: God’s Legacy

A thousand generations… my mind can hardly comprehend that amount of time. Many are fascinated today with learning their heritage, their family tree. Who are my ancestors? I believe this allure asks a deeper question. Who am I? What’s my identity? Where do I belong?

We gave my sister a gift of a DNA kit where you swab your mouth and send it off and you can know a little more about your origin. It was interesting to discover some things about our European connections.

I have a greater connection, a deep heritage to which I belong. It’s almost unfathomable. It’s my most important root. I’m in a covenant, an agreement, and what I do and how I live my life will affect generations to come. Everyone wants to leave a legacy, make a mark. I do this through living by the standards God has established for me. I’m connected to all who have come before me.

Last night at dinner my daughter was talking about how we all came from Noah so she said anyone she dates is like her brother! We laughed and went on to another subject. She has picked up on our connectedness with other human beings, however this fades in comparison to the bond we have with our ancestors of faith. I’m inspired by the faith of those who have gone before me. Their lives speak of God’s faithfulness to us here in the present, generations ahead of when they lived their lives.

I want my life to speak to the generations that succeed me. I know the only way to accomplish this is to know God. I know God is good. I have walked with God for many years. I know God is faithful, the only one even capable of pure faithfulness. Who can keep a promise, a covenant, a pledge, a guarantee across a great stretch of thousands of generations! God is the only one who is worthy of my allegiance and full trust.

On Sunday our choir sang of God’s faithfulness declaring, “He never failed me yet.” Our worship pastor mentioned we might not even need the word, “yet” in there because we are assured God will not fail us.

I choose to love God by keeping his commandments. God grants me belonging into the greatest nation, a powerful family of faith. Some have left a legacy through the spilling out of their blood, the martyrs. I remember these and honor them with my life. Their lives inspire me years and years later. I wonder if they’re able to see and know the inspiration they give me? I think they see and know. I think they’re our cheerleaders.

Lord, may all know you are God. May we taste of your faithfulness that satisfies the soul like nothing else. May my life leave a legacy for those who you’re about to grant a soul, those who are about to arrive here on earth. May they find You, the one who keeps promises across thousands of generations. May they seek You, find You and follow you. I pray for my generation to do the same. In Jesus name, Amen.


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