Devotional Thoughts: Hope

What a summary of what we are to do as followers of Jesus! Other translations say say, “rejoice in hope.” Our world needs the hope I have. The hope I have isn’t even human, it doesn’t come from me. It comes from the living God. Without this my life would be so different.

This hope enables me to live out the words that follow in this verse. I cannot be patient without the hope God gives me. I cannot continue in prayer without this hope. This hope is inexplicable, unexplainable, incomprehensible to our human minds. It’s even irrational to those who are not carriers of hope. This hope is an amazing lens through which I see everything. It changes the way I see nature, tribulations and troubles, and especially people.

This hope even dispels all fear: fear of death, fear of tomorrow, fear of suffering, and the fear of anything else.

The cruelest thing we can do is keep this hope to ourselves. It’s to pass along and it’s contagious. I’ve seen God’s hope defeat cancer, addiction and many other things that are so debilitating.

I’m excited today to celebrate those we are sending out on mission as a church family. I’m excited today to come together in corporate worship this morning and then again tonight for an evening of worship together. This hope will be reflected in our worship despite our circumstances.

If you do not know this hope, reach out to God who desires to give this to you. God doesn’t grant hope to some and not others. You’re not unwanted.


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