Devotional Thoughts: Salvation

The Gospel message in one verse! Mankind’s greatest fear is death. One thing that is guaranteed to each and every one of us is one day we will die. Our bodies will give out, or unexpected tragedies happen too.

God offers the greatest gift. Once this gift is received eventually our fear of death fades because we no longer live in uncertainty. What is this gift? Jesus was convicted and crucified even though he lived a sinless life. His body was laid to rest and he resurrected on the third day. This was done and is offered as a gift for payment of sin to anyone will to receive it.

How do we receive such a thing? Confess your sin to God; ask for forgiveness. Thank God for sending Jesus, his Son to conquer all sin and death. Give God your life and commit to follow Jesus, walk in obedience of God’s ways.

I did this years ago and I’ve never been the same. I’m not afraid to die. Death will relieve me from this world of suffering. My sins are forgiven even before I die. You too can know this freedom that only comes from God. It’s transformational and it changes your entire worldview. What are you waiting for? Be brave and approach God today.


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