Devotional Thoughts: Keep Praying

Never stop praying, how do we do this? I don’t think this means all we do is pray. We are to be active in our lives but we can pray as we go along throughout our day. We can have a continual conversation with God who is omnipresent. God is with us whether we acknowledge this or not. When we don’t connect with God throughout our days we miss out on all God desires to give us. God is good. God will give us what we need. We lack many times because we do not pray.

The verse after this one says to give thanks in all things, give thanks in everything. Give thanks on the good days and give thanks on the bad days. No matter what’s going on I can choose to look around and be thankful. I can see light even in the darkest times. This is a spiritual discipline. It doesn’t come naturally.

I am a work in progress. I haven’t arrived at praying without ceasing yet. Our journey here on earth is challenging. Setting spiritual goals is vital to our survival. Time with God is essential if I’m to be a warrior for the Kingdom. I’m deployed for now, here on earth, but one day I’ll be home where I belong. In my deployment I choose to pray and walk with God or not. The cowardly apathetically disengage. It’s the brave, the strong, the empowered that are engaged in prayer and obedience. It’s the strong who resist temptation, the weak give in. Prayer is a vital tool to resist temptation. Those following the ways of the world doing as they please are the weak. Their lives lead to destruction. The world thinks they’re strong and cool. Irony abounds! Let’s pray today, maybe we’ll make it to praying without ceasing!


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