Devotional Thoughts: Peace

This world is not my home. in this chapter, Jesus was preparing his disciples, the twelve men, for what was to come. We know they still didn’t understand. John 16 is a telling of what will happen next. Even though Jesus told them what would happen, they still scattered and walked away from him and even denied Jesus as he went to the cross. Jesus tried to prepare them and I believe he prepares us too if we will listen.

How do we listen? We sit quietly and we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. How do I know it’s not my subconscious voice rising up inside of me?

One night while in seminary I was driving home from a youth pastor job that I commuted 45 minutes to and from. This was in Texas. A hail storm came in quickly and danger was imminent. I pulled under the next bridge and thanked the Lord I found what felt like a safe place. I thought about the Korean students I studied with who had no transportation and I thanked God for my car and told God I’d serve Him even if I had no car. I cried as I spent a sweet moment with God underneath that bridge. The storm lightened and I made it safely back to campus.

A few days later the mailman knocked on my door asking if I drove a little black car. I answered yes and he said, “not anymore.” When I saw my car it was smashed to the ground like a pancake. Another student rented a moving truck and had hit the top of the structure I parked under and the entire thing crushed my car.

Somehow I had a peace that made no sense in that situation. I knew I’d be ok. A car is a luxury. I don’t know what people expected out of me but I believe God prepared me for this.

I hate to say it but in the busyness of life I need to pause more and just listen. When I do this I’m able to weather any storm. God will not just sustain me but God will even grant peace and empower me. There is no peace without God.

What the disciples experienced was far greater than just a car being crushed. They watched Jesus walk to his death. They ran away. They denied him. They thought it was all over. But it wasn’t over! He resurrected and lives!

Jesus appeared to his followers and they were given the Holy Spirit. We have the Holy Spirit too. I can take heart! I can have peace. This is the best news my friend!


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