Devotional Thoughts: Mourning

Mourning a blessing? How can this be?

This verse comes from a passage we call The Beatitudes. At first these words of Jesus can seem confusing but as we ponder them more deeply and read them in context we arrive at a deeper understanding. Jesus is teaching a great crowd. I think Jesus was painting a picture of what it’s like to be a believer and what it’s like to belong to God’s Kingdom.

Without mourning there is no joy. How in the world can this be? Only the one who has mourned their sin can break free of their bondage. There is no freedom that brings this great joy without mourning. Mourning the gateway through which we experience joy.

I read an article by Matt Smethurst, who I don’t know much of anything about, but his writing is striking in regards to this verse, “Sin in the late-modern West is not grieved. It’s not disapproved of. It’s not merely tolerated. It is celebrated. Our society doesn’t mourn sin; it mourns those who mourn sin. Yet we can succumb to similar tendencies, can’t we? No doubt one reason we fail to mourn sin is because we underestimate it. We assume it’s little more than a cosmic parking ticket. But sin is not trivial; it is treason, an insurrection against heaven’s throne.“

Mourning is so painful. No matter who we are, all will experience mourning because of sin and death. God is the great Comforter who gives solace in ways only God can. Leaving God out of our grief depraves ourselves of what God desires to give us generously.

I think mourning our sin is important but we cannot arrive at a place where we mourn our sin without understanding who God is. Continue on your spiritual journey and ask God to show you the way. Trust God. God is the only one worth of our full trust.

If the world could mourn sin and grief and give it to God in stead of flaunting sin and allowing grief to overcome we’d live in a very different place. One day I’ll live in a place just like that where all sin and death has been defeated. It’s a great reward for those who keep walking along the narrow path. This life is full of suffering. God does grant blessings along the way and I’m so grateful.

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